Practice Prudency

Make a Budget Plan for Convenience

Posted in budget, finance by airamailicec on March 27, 2009

I read this article on GetRichSlowly.Org and it encouraged me to make my own budget plan using the Balanced Formula. Although I made some modifications onĀ  “Wants”. Instead of using the 30% wants, I decreased it to 20% to prioritize more on needs rather than on wants.

As of this moment, I am building up my cash assets by practicing frugality and prudency. Difficult at first but definitely reqarding in the long run. So I will be sharing to you my proposed budget plan. You can do some modifications depending on your preference.

Having a budget plan will aide you in spending your money and will also help you reach your financial goals.


Five Ways to Be Satisfied with Your Income

Posted in finance by airamailicec on March 12, 2009

Today, I received my 13th semi-monthly pay. Although I am not too elated and appreciative as compared to receiving my first pay. I realized some things.

  1. Money is not a major motivator to work.
  2. Money is worthless when I do not love my job. And,
  3. Money can never buy happiness (such a cliche).

Here are some tips on how you can be more appreciative, motivated and satisfied with your paycheck.

Tip #1: Avoid Unhealthy Comparison. Yes, never compare your pay with other people. Either you will hurt your self esteem or the other party’s ego.

Tip# 2: Be Thankful! Practice the habit of praise whenever you receive your paycheck. No matter how small or how big you receive, whisper praises to yourself. When you do this you welcome blessings in your life.

Tip# 3:Think Positive! If you have the right perspective with the money you receive, you will also attract positive aura in your financial life. Thinking positive will make you think creatively in budgeting your money.

Tip# 4: Remember to Save. Allot 10-20% of your income for savings. It is mandatory. Just think that as you save you are treating yourself in the long run.

Tip#4: Practice Prudence. At this financial turmoil, you have to be flexible with your expenses. What you need to do is to start practicing delayed gratification. Cut back on unnecessary expenses on focus on priorities.

With that in mind, getting your next paycheck will be lighter, satisfying and feels good. It all depends with a capital A – with your Attitude!

I am doing it now. Why don’t you try it too?

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