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How to Fight Back Against Unfair Circumstances

Posted in Uncategorized by airamailicec on July 15, 2009

“Unfair!”, I declare to myself upon receiving the email confirmation that I am not a part of the staff who were given yearly increase. My dream of boosting my EM Fund and setting a Travel Fund vanished in thin air. Bothered, I rethink my “pity” situation and how it has drained my energy. Thus, I made this article to fight back during this unfair times [my unfair situation – no salary increase].

How does unfair circumstances affect us as a whole [e.g. unfair compensation benefits]?

  1. It creates an unhealthy feeling within. It creates greed, envy, anger, and self pity. True enough this is what I notice from myself and from a fellow co-worker who shares the same situation as me. She has become a victim of her own self, brooding in self pity and anger towards management. But who are we to blame anyway, we were just victims of circumstance and we have no control over this. But we can control our emotions and this is where both of us need to improve. Try this serenity prayer.
  2. It creates a low self esteem. You might experience questioning yourself what your other peers have that you don’t have which is also a form of self-pity. When your self esteem goes down the drain, your work and your relationship with your coworkers will be affected. Keep your self-esteem in check always and bring yourself to reality that this too shall soon pass. Do not degrade your self esteem, bring it back by accepting your situation by inviting positive thoughts. Read blogs that motivate, bible verses that will uplift your weary soul, or get another job or a part-time job when your income does not suffice.
  3. It can create crab mentality. Yes, scary but true. I came to think like this and it left me ashamed and feeling immature. This is a feeling that you should not entertain. Divert your attention from this feeling. Think the other way around, think positive and force yourself to see the good side of the situation.

The good thing with my situation is that my humility is shaped, my perseverance continues, and my positive thoughts are tapped. Who knows one day I will meet someone who shares the same situation as mine and I can share with them some advise.


How to Maximize the Benefits that You Will Receive

Posted in employment, finance by airamailicec on July 4, 2009

Congratulations to me because effective as of June 13 I am now a regular employee of the company. Although I still have to wait for the appointment letter to make it official (I did received it but the effectivity date was wrong so it was sent back for correction).

Does becoming a regular employee changes anything? Yes it does! A regular employee will now receive full benefits offered by the company. This includes health and medical benefits, bonuses, and allowances.

Here are ways on how to maximize these benefits:

  • Get a yearly dental prophylaxis together with your loved ones.
  • Boost your emergency fund with your bonuses.
  • Set a travel fund using your allowances(I like this!).
  • Invest your bonuses in small businesses [e.g. selling load, buy-and-sell ready to wear goods, and even food like tocino and longganisa] and let it grow.

There are many ways to maximize the extra benefits that you will receive. Why splurge when you can maximize the money for your advantage.

As for me I have yet to receive my benefits. I hope I will receive it. I’m planning to use it for my masteral studies.