Practice Prudency

What Practice Prudency Is All About

Welcome to Practice Prudency!

What is PP about?

Practice Prudency talks about personal finance, self-help, employment, motivation , time management and other random stuffs.

About Me

I work as a full-time employee in a banking and finance institution [my legal first job] and also keeps a part-time job to augment my income. I do this to support my brother [he’s taking a 5 year course now], build an EM Fund [I’m almost there!], help my mother’s debt problems [ this one is very difficult], save for my masteral studies [probably 2 years from now]  and invest for future business plan.

Why I created this blog?

I decided to create Practice Prudency because I was inspired by blogs that talks about personal finance [PF blogs]. Thanks to the people behind GRS, Simple Dollar, Frugal Pinoy, MoneySmart, and even Zen Habits. [I’ll be asking for their permission to link back to their respective blogs ^___^]

I also want to hone and learn more about writing, blogging, and also personal finance.

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