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Food Trip 2

Posted in budget, food by airamailicec on June 17, 2009
My Choice of Meal

My Choice of Meal

We had a worthy meal at the Old Spaghetti House. I ate a hearty meal of Chicken Piccata with Garlic Spaghetti and gulped it down with iced tea. It was definitely worth the money. At Php 140.00 and less you can afford the meals on the left (drinks not included).

My friend was a rice person so she ordered this chicken rice meal (Golden crusted chicken with rice and cheese crepe). And she totally loved it!

I’m planning to go back and interview the owner about his/her shop for my blog. Ohh and I’m also planning to taste their classic lasagna at Php 135.00 only.

Old Spaghetti House is one affordable and chic Italian restaurant.

My Friend's Meal

My Friend's Meal


Restaurant Ambiance: Very Good! The restaurant is designed in an old fashion way from the furniture to the floor to the ceiling and walls. There are wines set in all tables but these are not for drinking.

Food: Delicious – 4 stars! The food is affordable, clean, and delicious. They even over these “Merienda Meals” with prices pegging from Php 80.00 to 120.00 only.

Service: Very Good! The crew were courteous, friendly, fast, and clean. Food preparation takes about maximum of 10 minutes. Service charge is 10% of your total order.

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Make a Budget Plan for Convenience

Posted in budget, finance by airamailicec on March 27, 2009

I read this article on GetRichSlowly.Org and it encouraged me to make my own budget plan using the Balanced Formula. Although I made some modifications onĀ  “Wants”. Instead of using the 30% wants, I decreased it to 20% to prioritize more on needs rather than on wants.

As of this moment, I am building up my cash assets by practicing frugality and prudency. Difficult at first but definitely reqarding in the long run. So I will be sharing to you my proposed budget plan. You can do some modifications depending on your preference.

Having a budget plan will aide you in spending your money and will also help you reach your financial goals.