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How to Maximize the Benefits that You Will Receive

Posted in employment, finance by airamailicec on July 4, 2009

Congratulations to me because effective as of June 13 I am now a regular employee of the company. Although I still have to wait for the appointment letter to make it official (I did received it but the effectivity date was wrong so it was sent back for correction).

Does becoming a regular employee changes anything? Yes it does! A regular employee will now receive full benefits offered by the company. This includes health and medical benefits, bonuses, and allowances.

Here are ways on how to maximize these benefits:

  • Get a yearly dental prophylaxis together with your loved ones.
  • Boost your emergency fund with your bonuses.
  • Set a travel fund using your allowances(I like this!).
  • Invest your bonuses in small businesses [e.g. selling load, buy-and-sell ready to wear goods, and even food like tocino and longganisa] and let it grow.

There are many ways to maximize the extra benefits that you will receive. Why splurge when you can maximize the money for your advantage.

As for me I have yet to receive my benefits. I hope I will receive it. I’m planning to use it for my masteral studies.


3 Ways To Get Rid of Envy

Posted in employment, finance, motivation, positive thinking by airamailicec on June 11, 2009

While my co-workmates were celebrating the 20% increase in their monthly income, I stay put on my desk and contemplating “Will I have a raise in my income as well?”. You see I’m still on a P (under probation) status and I don’t get to enjoy the benefits until I get to be a regular employee. I admit at that specific moment I was nursing my pride, feeling a sense of self-pity, slightly angered on why life is so unfair, and all sorts of silent drama.

So how to battle those envy moments? Here are 3 ways to do so:

  • Be True To Yourself. Don’t deny yourself that you experience these negative feelings. These are natural emotions that you cannot control. What you can do is to acknowledge your emotions. Accept it and then ask yourself the following questions(whatever suits you): Are your feelings reasonable or just a result of your high pride? What will you gain when you dwell upon that feeling? Will it make you feel better or worse?

After you contemplate you can now proceed to the next step.

  • Choose to Think Positive. It’s a cliche but you have to admit, it is true. Now the question is: how do you manage to think positively even when you’re feeling down at that time? That would be difficult to do. Yes, I admit it is not easy. But you can try.

For instance, I did not receive an increase and my part-time income was delayed and I have to give money for my brother this coming June 15 classes. What should I do? Either I complain or do some math. I can waste my energy and time on this problem but that will only leave me bitter. On the other hand, I can do some math and properly budget the available resource I have [which I gladly obliged to do]. After which, I felt more secure doing the latter.

  • Lastly, Give Thanks. I always stress this out. This is one positive trait everyone should have – a thankful heart. When you have a heart that appreciates and considers any situation a blessing, you will also be blessed. This is how I usually think to get myself out of a negative emotion and it works.

When I saw that my payslip did not include any raise at all, I was frustrated. I gave myself a pat on the back, gave thanks for the blessings I have (both the money and the experience not to dwell unto monetary things), got back to work, and whisper to myself – I will be a regular next week (I’m praying for this!).

Random Stuff

Posted in employment by airamailicec on June 7, 2009

After reading this article, it made me think how I was evaluated before landing this job. True, discrimination exists in subtle ways and its difficult to change that. But one thing you can change is your perspective. Change your perspective and think positive. Life is naturally unfair. How you handle the discrimination is up to you.

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